Building communities one cashew nut at a time !


We are inspired by a simple motto: “You should never eat alone or not share with those who are hungry”. Solidarity is a deeply rooted value in African communities and we live this value every day by not only rewarding our employees fairly and providing them with good working conditions but also by sharing our success with the community at large. We don’t build factories – we build communities.

une employé tenant un vélo

Discipline at work

We believe that successful businesses need disciplined people, disciplined minds, and disciplined actions. At Cajou Espoir, we live by these principles by committing daily to rigorous management and making no compromises on quality at every stage of our cashew processing process.


We are driven by the passion to build a different model of capitalism in Africa. A model that creates wealth and promotes solidarity. We are driven by a passion for agriculture and agribusiness as key drivers of development on the continent.

Cajou Espoir in a few figures


Date of creation


Workers, of which 70% are women


Togolese smallholder organic producers supported by the company


International certifications


Social projects completed

+ 95%

Creation of added value benefiting the Togolese economy by processing Organic & Fairtrade raw cashew nuts locally

Cajou Espoir is a family

At Cajou Espoir, we firmly believe that the strength of our social enterprise lies in our relationships, which transcend the professional framework to become a real family. Each of our employees and workers contributes to creating a united community, where mutual aid, respect and solidarity are fundamental values. By working together, we not only produce better results, but we also create a positive impact in our community, thus providing a promising future for all who are part of our large Cajou Espoir family.

une employé avec son enfant au dos souriante

Our Certifications