Our Mission

Located in Togo, Cajou Espoir is first and foremost a social enterprise whose operations revolve around the processing of cashew nuts. It was founded in 2004 by two Togolese entrepreneurs with the aim of reducing poverty in rural areas of the country.

The company processes raw nuts and exports cashew kernels to Africa, Europe and North America. It now employs more than 900 people (70% of whom are women) in total at its two factories located in Tchamba and Blitta (Central Region). In addition, Cajou Espoir sources from 1,800+ producers who are certified organic (Ecocert) thanks to the support of Cajou Espoir.

Beyond job creation, Cajou Espoir fulfills its social mission by designing, financing and implementing development projects jointly with community leaders, producer groups/cooperatives and Cajou Espoir employees.

employé de cajou espoir souriante